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Bog - Wabi-Sabi Welcome

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Wabi-Sabi Welcome - Learning to Embrace the Imperfect and Entertain with Thoughtfulness and Ease

Om Produktet:
Forfatter: Julie Pointer Adams
Indhold: 224 sider
Format / Cover: Hardcover
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgivelse: 13/06 2017 af Artisan Publisher

Stærrelse: 20,3 x 26,7 cm

Discover a Simpler, More Authentic Way to Entertain

Wabi-Sabi Welcome is sharing a pot of tea with friends. It is preparing delicious food to nourish, not to show off. It’s keeping a basket of cozy slippers at the door for guests. It is well-worn linens, bouquets of foraged branches, mismatched silverware, and heirloom bowls infused with the spirit of meals served with love.

In this lush entertaining manual, author Julie Pointer Adams invites readers into artful, easygoing homes around the world—in Denmark, California, France, Italy, and Japan—and teaches us how to turn the generous act of getting together into the deeper art of being together.


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